Endangered Reptiles Hatch at Colchester Zoo!

In 2019, Colchester Zoo welcomed two endangered Fiji banded iguanas, one adult male named Koro and a female named Kalara, in the hope they may become a breeding pair.

We are delighted to announce that since then the pair successfully laid their first clutch of eggs, welcoming three hatchlings in late June! This is the first time we have bred this species at Colchester Zoo and so the team are excited to have welcomed 1 male named Kavi, and 2 females named Kalli & Kalina.

These beautiful reptiles are emerald green in colour with the males being particularly striking with bright green colouring and vertical blue and light green stripes covering their body and tail.

Our three youngsters all have inquisitive personalities, happily exploring their home as the Animal Care Team monitor their progress. They have been feeding on a variety of foods trying things such as green vegetables, red pepper and small amounts of pear!

This species of Iguana can grow up to 80cm, with their tail making up more than two thirds of their total body length, which they use for balance as they climb amongst branches.

At the moment the little ones are off show but mum, Kalara, and dad, Koro, can be seen at our Worlds Apart Exhibit.

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