Oaken is a beautiful horse that has recently joined us from the Suffolk Punch Trust following many years being a part of the trust’s four horse pulling team.

The Suffolk Punch is an English breed of draught horse, well known for the part it played in helping to shape this countries landscape. The large stocky nature of these horses made them ideal for pulling the plough and carrying when the UK was first being industrialised.

This species is now sadly a rare site in the UK with the Suffolk Punch Trust working to increase the numbers of the breed.

Oaken has a lovely temperament and has already shown to be a gentle giant. His shiny chestnut coat and solid stature certainly makes him stand out and he will gradually be introduced to the other horses and spend some time out in the fields whilst he settles into his new home.

Colchester Zoo’s horses and two donkeys spend their time at our farm area on a rotational basis; Oaken is not currently available to see whilst he settles in but we hope Oaken will be available for visitors to meet in the coming weeks.

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