Our Amur leopard cubs continue to explore and have now been named!

Our critically endangered, twin Amur leopard cubs, born on the 9th September, continue to grow healthy and strong and are now exploring their outside enclosure PLUS they’ve recently been named as it is confirmed we have 1 male and 1 female!

Watch below as head keeper Emma share the names of the cubs:

At 9 days old the leopard cubs opened their eyes and spent time exploring their private cubbing den and off show area as their strength, coordination and confidence grew.

At just a little shy of 6 weeks of age they took the next step and emerged into the outside enclosure; exploring all the areas they could! Mum Esra was a little unsure about giving them free rein just yet, still returning them back to their private cubbing den when she feels the time is right.

At 10 weeks old the cubs underwent their first health check as keepers issued their first vaccinations and confirmed that we have 1 male and 1 female cub! Since then the team have named the new arrivals – the young female is called ‘Lena’ and the male is named ‘Luka’!

We are politely asking that visitors remain as quiet as possible whilst viewing the leopards and not to use any flash photography.

Viewing of our leopard cubs is not guaranteed as mum Esra is able to decide when she is happy for them to go outside into the viewing area.

To read more about the birth of these critically endangered leopards please click here.

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