Tiger Cub Update: Our tiger cubs are beginning to take a sneak peek outside however mum Taiga has other ideas! Taiga is proving to be a fantastic mum to her 3 young cubs who were recently confirmed as 2 boys and a little girl! 

Born on the 14th June the tiger cubs are now just over 4 weeks old and mum Taiga has been doing an amazing job, being very caring and attentive.

On Monday 15th July the animal care team gave the cubs their first health check and identified their genders! Before going in with the cubs, the team ensured Taiga was happy engaging with one of her keepers. The keepers then proceeded into the den and rubbed themselves with the tiger’s hay so that they did not put their scent onto the cubs which could cause Taiga concern.

We’re delighted to report that Taiga is mum to 2 boys and a little girl! All 3 are very strong and healthy with the boys both weighing in at 5.4kg and the girl at 4.3kg, it is not unusual for the girl to weigh less than the boys so we’re delighted that all are in great condition proving Taiga to be a brilliant mum.

Taiga was quickly reunited happily with her cubs after the health check and now that we are positive they are all healthy and Taiga is happy, we’ve opened the indoor viewing area for public who may be able to sneak a peek at the new arrivals. If we find that having this area open to the public is disruptive to Taiga and the cubs we may close this again for a period of time to ensure the welfare of the tigers.

The cubs are becoming very inquisitive and eager to explore out of the den and so it won’t be long now until they take their first steps into the outside world! However, Taiga is allowing the cubs out of the den for just a short while before putting them back but we’re sure she’ll soon be allowing them out further as the days go by. When they do venture outside to discover their home, they have access to the smaller of the two outdoor areas.

Voting for our tiger cub names have now closed and we will be announcing the names very soon!

We’ll keep you updated and let you know when the cubs venture further out of the den. To read our initial announcement of the exciting new arrivals click here.

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