Scoping request submitted regarding Colchester Zoo land

Colchester Zoo is aware of the current planning application that is being prepared by Tarmac following a ‘scoping request’ Tarmac has submitted to Essex County Council.

Tarmac is seeking planning permission for an extension to Colchester Quarry on an area of land south of Maldon Road, adjacent to Colchester Zoo. The extension site is owned by Colchester Zoo, having bought the land from Tarmac in 2012 as part of a larger purchase to provide room for future growth of the Zoo.  Tarmac reserved rights to extract minerals from beneath the land to ensure that those minerals would not subsequently be sterilised if the land was developed.

At the present time Colchester Zoo has no plans to use the land, but we are working with Tarmac to ensure that if planning permission is granted, the site will be worked and restored within a short time frame and without the use of infill materials, to a sustainable landform and land uses which are compatible with both Colchester Zoo’s current activities and its long term vision.

A public consultation is due to be held by Tarmac in the summer of 2020 and we currently awaiting confirmed details.

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