Colchester Zoo Passholders
Pre-booking Requirement

Following the recent announcement that Passholders are no longer required to book to enter Colchester Zoo the infection rate has continued to rise and unfortunately it does not look as though it is going to reduce anytime soon.

Zoo Management have therefore met to discuss how we can continue to keep the zoo a COVID-free environment and keep outgoings down in case a potential lockdown which may require the zoo to close and run on cash reserves again.

One way to help us with the above is to ask Passholders to pre-book their visits again. This way we can keep a firm control of the numbers within the park and by knowing how many visitors due in the park each day this helps us to manage staff requirement and reduce wastage of catering for example.

By pre-booking in advance this also offers Passholders guaranteed entry as we are not then required to work on a one-out one-in basis after a certain time to allow passholders walk-up access.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our loyal and valued passholders but thank you in advance for your understanding that this decision has been made as part of our duty of care.

Therefore, to confirm, from the 2nd November until further notice, Zoo Passholders are required to pre-book a time slot for entry every day of the week as there is no un-booked walk-up access at any point.

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