Dear Friend,

There is excitement in the air, Christmas is upon us and everyone is working hard to provide entertainment to celebrate one of the most important days on the calendar, even if you are not a child.

Christmas at the Zoo this year will not be the experience of previous years due to the result of the pandemic restrictions, our desire to ensure no one is at risk by visiting, and the uncertainty of what we might be allowed to do. Therefore, this year we have toned down our Magic of Christmas event but we are still offering an excellent experience which is a great way to begin the Christmas celebrations, plus we need your help, so please do come along and visit.

The exciting news is that we are already planning for 2021 and coming up with a completely new format that will ensure a great experience whatever your age, so please be patient and we will be back with renewed vigour.

For this year, Father Christmas has promised he will be popping in so please don’t miss his invitation as he is expecting you to wave hello to him along with all of our animals and staff.

Everyone at the Zoo, from animals to staff, wants to say a big thank you for the incredible support you have given us during the Pandemic. The journey has been really tough and rough and the future seemed so uncertain but your kindness and support have helped so much to ensure we survived – we will never forget it!

We want to look forward to a new and kinder year and we pray some sort of normality will return to all of our lives during 2021, and if there are any lessons to learn from this Pandemic, we certainly have learned all of our lessons but we need to smile and bring joy and celebration.

Christmas is here!

Very happy Christmas to you all from all of our wonderful animals and from every member of our team.

We will be here in 2021 to wish you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy 2021.

Dr DA Tropeano OBE

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