Meet the latest editions to the troop!

On 9th April we welcomed a tiny new arrival as female Ring-tailed lemur, Andro, gave birth to a single offspring! Just a day later, on 10th April, the little one was joined by another new arrival within the group, as experienced mum, Madison, also welcomed a baby! Both little ones are doing extremely well and can already be seen being carried on the backs of their mothers and sometimes by other helpful members of the troop!

When the youngsters were first born, they could be seen clinging onto the front of mum, but as they grow stronger, they will continue to explore and spend time off mum, trying different food and copying others in the group as they learn to climb and leap!

The new arrivals join our existing troop that can be seen from the Lost Madagascan Road Train. Ring-tailed lemurs, such as ours, are the most recognisable of the lemur species, because of their famous black and white-ringed tail. They use this tail to mark their territory as they cover it in their scent and wave it in the air!

The births of our Ring-tailed lemurs are very important to the breeding programme, as they are currently listed as Endangered (EN) on the IUCN Red List.

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