Gelada Baby BOOM!

Our gelada troop has expanded! During September, we saw the birth of three more gelada babies, with the first being born on 16th September to mum, Thandi and dad, Akobo. Thandi is an experienced parent having already given birth to five offspring, including female gelada Mucha, who has made Thandi a grandmother within the troop.

On 24th September, Adana gave birth to her little one, followed quickly by Mucha who gave birth on 25th September! Adana and Mucha are both first-time mums and have taken to their new role well, Akobo is also dad to both young.

Male gelada and dad Akobo, is seven years old and arrived at Colchester Zoo in July 2020 to become the new breeding male of the group. Since arriving to Colchester Zoo, Akobo has sired a total of four offspring this year. This is his first time siring and is proving to be a great dad to his young.

All of our new arrivals are continuing to grow healthy and strong and can be seen exploring their new surroundings together. They are yet to be sexed and named by our primate team but have settled in well within the troop. 

Gelada baboons are listed as ‘Least Concern’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species; however, their population is decreasing so it is great news that our group continues to successfully breed.

Our gelada troop can be seen at Gelada Plateau – stop by and see if you can spot the latest additions to the troop!

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