We are delighted to be able to share the news that our family of Guianan Bearded Saki Monkeys has grown once again!

On the 9th September, Kachiri, our Guianan Bearded Saki Monkey, gave birth to a health baby who is yet to be sexed or named. Kachiri arrived at Colchester Zoo in June 2017 and is an experiences mother with 3 previous offspring with dad, Karlos who arrive in August 2010. Kalu, their previous baby, was born on the 2nd September 2020.

The Guianan Bearded Saki Monkey comes from Northern South American and lives in rainforest habitats. This species like to eat fruit, seeds, flowers, leaves and insects and is classed as ‘least concern’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Stop by Heart of the Amazon on your next visit to the Zoo to see if you can spot our youngster!

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