It’s officially Ape Awareness Month and we are celebrating all things APE! Throughout April we will be sharing exciting facts, videos and photos about the three species of ape we have here at Colchester Zoo, Chimpanzee, Bornean Orangutan and Pileated Gibbon. Learn more about the importance of protecting these incredible creatures and how the Zoo’s charity, Action for the Wild, helps prevent the extinction of these fascinating animals.

Meet our charming group of Chimpanzees! Primate Keeper, Roxy, introduces our fantastic five.
Our Animal Care Team create a range of activities to help encourage our species to use skills they would typically use out in the wild.
Oren has joined Primate Keeper, Lizzy, to tell you some interesting facts about Bornean Orangutans and show how our dedicated team care for this species.
Carnivore Keeper, Rachel, tells you more about the Pileated Gibbon and introduces our male, Lae.
We offer all of our animals different types of enrichment everyday to keep them stimulated and encourage behaviours they would use out in the wild.
Follow Primate Keeper, Lizzy, as she takes you behind the scenes and shows a typical day in the life of a Chimpanzee Keeper.
Meet our trio of Bornean Orangutans! Primate Keeper, Emily, introduces our three friendly individuals.
In celebration of our youngest Orangutan, Tatau’s 10th birthday, our trio enjoyed a special enrichment party created by our Animal Care Team.
Listen to our male Pileated Gibbon, Lae singing! Carnivore Keeper, Rachel shares some interesting facts about his song.
As Ape Awareness Month comes to an end, our Conservation Education Manager shares the importance of protecting these amazing species around the world.

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