Oh My Gourd, It’s Pumpkin Day!

We can’t celebrate World Pumpkin Day without mentioning our adorable Kirk’s Dik-dik family, aptly named Pumpkin, Patch, Spice and Pie!
Pumpkin & Patch

Pumpkin was born at Edinburgh Zoo on 31st October – hence the name! In August 2021, she arrived at Colchester Zoo upon a breeding recommendation for the species.

Pumpkin became a first-time mum after giving birth to her calf at 4:30pm on 20th April 2022. She took well to her new role as a parent and was very attentive to her little arrival, who was later confirmed as male and named Patch. Patch can now be seen next to our Giant Anteater habitat with another Dik-dik, named Gregg.

On 15th October, Pumpkin gave birth to a healthy female calf. The Animal Care Team decided to call the new born, Spice, making mother and daughter the perfect Autumnal duo! Just earlier this year, on 15th May, Pumpkin welcomed yet another calf called Pie. Demetri has fathered all three calves with Pumpkin and since arriving at Colchester Zoo in September 2016, he has sired 15 calves in total!

Our little Dik-dik family can be seen at their home at Edge of Africa!

The Kirk’s Dik-dik is one of the smallest members of the antelope family, measuring a maximum of 45cm high at the shoulder with a maximum body length of just 80cm! This species comes from eastern and southwest Africa and likes to eat shoots, twigs, leaves, fruits and flowers. In the wild, they are so well adapted to the conditions of the African bush that they do not need to drink. Instead, they get all the water they need from the plants they eat! On the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species the Kirk’s Dik-dik is classed as Least Concern.

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