Start Date6th Jul 2024 End Date6th Jul 2024

Wake Up With

6th July 2024


See the zoo in a different light as our doors open early from 7:30am for a rare opportunity to enjoy a number of special morning animal encounters!

To enjoy this exciting and rare event, you must hold a valid Colchester Zoo Pass, so BUY YOURS TODAY, to avoid missing out! Visit our Passholder page to purchase yours today. PLUS, there is no need to pre-book with your Zoo Pass.

Selected catering outlets will also be open early. Pop by Penguini’s Restaurant, Snack Shack, Meerkat Hangout or Waterhole so that you can enjoy a tasty treat or a full breakfast to start your day!

Anyone under the age of 16yrs MUST be accompanied by a responsible guardian over the age of 18yrs. We will not admit anyone unaccompanied under the age of 16yrs.

Animal Encounter Timetable

7:45amRainforest Species (Rainforest Walkthrough)
7:50amBornean Orangutan (Rajang’s Forest, Outside Area)
8:00amHumboldt Penguin (Inca Trail)
8:00amRed Panda (Rivers Edge)
8:10amGuinea Pig (Familiar Friends)
8:15amBuffy-headed Capuchins (Next to Main Entrance)
8:15amGoats & Sheep (Colenso Village)
8:15amSlender-tailed Meerkat (Suricata Sands)
8:30amGelada Baboon (Gelada Plateau)
8:30amCherry-crowned Mangabey (Out of Africa)
8:30amKomodo Dragon (Dragons of Komodo)
8:45amSmooth-coated Otter (Otter Creek)
8:50amSpotted Hyena (Edge of Africa)
8:50amMalayan Sun Bear (Bears of the Rising Sun, Upper Viewing Area)
9:00amBush Dog (Lost Madagascar Train Station)
9:00amAfrican Elephant (Elephant Kingdom, Outside Paddock)
9:00amPatagonian Sea Lion (Playa Patagonia)
9:10amAfrican Species (Kingdom of the Wild, Outside Paddock)
9:20amMandrill (Edge of Africa)

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