School Risk Assessments

Zoo Responsibilities:

Colchester Zoo’s risk assessment guidance sheet provides a general outline of potential risks and controls. These are guidelines only and all organisers are recommended to complete their own risk assessment prior to a school visit. Two free familiarisation tickets can be requested for this purpose after you have made a school booking.

Click here to open the GENERAL VISIT RISK ASSESSMENT in a new window

Click here to open the EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS RISK ASSESSMENT in a new window

If required, provided is a letter which includes a description of Colchester Zoo’s Public Liability Insurance: Click here to open the Public Liability Document in a new window.

Colchester Zoo has policies and procedures in place for emergency situations, including (but not limited to): Lost Child, Fire, and Animal Escape. For safeguarding, security, and safety reasons we are unable to share these specific policies and procedures. In the event of any emergency, please find the nearest member of staff, all of whom are trained on these procedures.

Teacher Responsibilities:

Teachers and supporting adults are responsible for the behaviour of students towards  animals, staff, and other visitors.

  • Students in years Reception to Year 9 must be supervised at all times.
  • All students must be supervised when attending educational sessions.
  • Teachers must ensure appropriate hygiene when students are in contact with animals.
  • Teachers are responsible to ensure all students follow instructions and rules.

Play Areas

Play areas are not supervised by Colchester Zoo staff and are open to general visitors.
Teachers are responsible for supervising any students who are eligible to use the play area. 
It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure students do not use play areas they are not allowed on.

  • Nursery and Primary school groups can use any outdoor play areas between 12 and 2pm.
  • Secondary school students and older are not allowed on any play area at any time.
  • No schools are permitted to use the indoor Jungle Tumble play area.

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