Every little helps…

Whilst Colchester Zoo has been closed, we have been overwhelmed with kind messages of support and donations to help us continue to care for the animals who call Colchester Zoo their home.

Without the regular income from visitors we are relying on capital funds to see us through this time of closure but this won’t last forever. We hope that we will be able to reopen soon but at the moment we are uncertain as to when this will be. The closure continues to have a huge financial impact on us not just now but for the future of the zoo too.

We know every business is suffering from financial constraints but animal-based organisations have extra responsibility that even when closed the running costs are high and we must supply and maintain normal services and duties. Your donations help us to continue to provide our animals with the highest standard of care.

Every little helps, all the donations add up and help us to pay our daily running costs. To put some of the food costs into perspective for you and to see how your money could help;

£20.00 can feed one of our Spider monkeys for a day. Colchester Zoo cares for 7 Colombian black spider monkeys.

£25.00 helps to pay for the amount of fish one of our Penguins consumes in a day. There are 38 Humboldt penguins who live at the zoo.

£30.00 will feed one of our Sealions their quota of fish for a day. We have 5 female sealions living at Colchester Zoo.

£35.00 pays for a Chimpanzee’s daily meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner! Colchester Zoo is home to a family of 6 Chimpanzees.

£40.00 will cover the cost of a day’s food for one of the five White rhinos who call Colchester Zoo home.

£115.00 pays for the food consumed within one day for one of our four African elephants.

We are grateful for any amount that you can donate to Colchester Zoo – your support is critical now more than ever.

For more information on how your money helps and to find out how to donate click below:

On behalf of all the staff and animals here at the zoo – thank you to all of you for your help, for all your kind words and your generosity.

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