White rhino calf Lottie gets to know her neighbours!

Since being born on the 4th January our young female White rhino calf Lottie has gone from strength to strength!

She has been busy exploring her home and after first heading outside on the 22nd January she has been getting to know the other females in our rhino crash as well as spending some time with our Zebra and Kudu!

During the winter weather she has enjoyed the chance to run through the muddy puddles as well as learning how to wallow from mum Emily. Lottie also has been inquisitive, getting up close to her new neighbours and learning which of them like to play with her and who prefers not to play!

Lottie and Emily will gradually spend more time outside and once Lottie is a little bigger, she will be introduced to dad Otto and our giraffe. It also won’t be long before Lottie has a play mate with our other female Astrid, expecting later in the year. Find out more about the next expected arrival here.

When Lottie isn’t out in the main paddock, visitors may be able to catch a glimpse of her from the balcony inside the Kingdom of the Wild building overlooking the indoor area and hardstands.

Find out more about Lottie’s birth here as well as the first time she went outside here.

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